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Your health is a precious commodity. We help you care for it.

Whether you require a check-up, consultation or simply some advice, you are welcome to make an appointment at our GP practice. We are here to help.

+41 52 343 20 19

Welcome to our medical practice in Effretikon near Zurich

Health is our most precious commodity. That’s why it is so important that you place yours in good hands.

At our GP practice, we take care of you and your health-related concerns in a professional, patient and empathetic manner. Qualified specialist in general internal medicine Dr med. Holger Hartmann, Ms Ilaria Sallustio (senior medical assistant), Ms Pamela Lang (medical assistant) and our intern Ms Daniela Ender will welcome you to the practice.

Dr med. Holger Hartmann is an experienced medical specialist who completed his training in Berlin before working in large medical centres in the German capital. He has many years of experience in relation to endoscopy, gastroenterology, preventive medicine, check-ups and alternative medicine. He ran one of the largest and most renowned internal medical practices in Berlin for over 15 years. He then returned to the clinical field in the role of senior consultant at various institutions. Moreover, he is involved in various international projects that aim to bring general European medical institutions to poorer countries.

On 1 July 2019, he took over the general and internal medical practice in Effretikon. Here, we offer a full range of GP healthcare services, so you will be in the good hands of our experienced specialists.

Do you have any questions or special requests? We pride ourselves on providing discreet, personalised, swift and professional care. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything – we would be happy to advise you!

How can we assist you? Feel free to make an appointment at our GP practice in Effretikon.

+41 52 343 20 19